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Are cannabis businesses legal everywhere? 

Marijuana sales are legal in California. It can be sold for both recreational and commercial use. This has led to the rise of a state-wide cannabis industry, unlike anything that you find in many other states. Although more and more states are following this trend and legalizing marijuana, it is still the minority.

But, if you’re interested in starting a cannabis dispensary or another type of cannabis business, does this mean you can just start one anywhere that you want? The truth is that there are still restrictions you need to know about.

Most cities still prohibit cannabis businesses

The thing to remember is that counties and cities still have the right to prohibit cannabis businesses. In fact, 61% of these counties and cities in California do not allow for retail operations at this time. It may be a slim majority, but it is still the majority, so it’s worth noting as you look into potential locations for your space.

Granted, the above is for retail businesses. 56% of counties and cities don’t allow for any businesses that are involved with marijuana, so there are a small amount that will allow businesses that are not of a retail nature.

But what this really shows you is that you simply need to look into the local regulations and restrictions before starting any business. You must know how the area is zoned, what types of businesses are allowed and what licenses you may need to start that business. It’s not all about the simple legality of cannabis on a state or even a national level.

As such, it’s important to carefully consider the legal steps you need to take as you start your new business.