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Important laws regarding your business premises 

While business transactions are increasingly taking place in the online realm, most companies still operate out of at least one building. This is especially the case for businesses that sell products or meet with clients face to face. 

When acquiring business premises, it isn’t as simple as just buying or renting the building and starting to trade right away. There are certain laws to which you must adhere. Outlined below are a few things to keep in mind. 

Zoning restrictions 

Zoning laws are usually governed by municipalities and they can vary from city to city. However, what they do is restrict the type of activities that can be carried out within certain geographic locations. 

For example, a business may not be permitted to conduct activities that involve high levels of emissions or noise. Or, a business may not be permitted to sell alcohol- which could impact a grocery store or hospitality business significantly. 

In some cases, zoning restrictions can be modified or lifted, but this can be complex. That’s why it’s so important to look into the zoning laws in the area before committing to a real estate lease or purchase. 

Building codes 

You’ll also need to consider carefully are building codes. Do the premises you have in mind offer accessibility to all of your customers and staff? Has the building been constructed safely? Are there adequate fire exits? If your building does not come up to code, this could mean that you have to cease trading, at least temporarily, which can be costly. 

If you’re looking into business premises or seeking to upgrade your own, having legal guidance behind you can help ensure you satisfy the relevant rules and regulations.