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5 tips to ensure legal and safe cannabis delivery

California’s cannabis market promises continuous growth until 2030. The plant’s potential in pain management is sparking an increase in demand that entrepreneurs are eager to fill. Still, entering the cannabis business has its unique challenges. Among them is how to deliver the product to consumers securely and legally.

Thanks to California’s forward-thinking policies, residents can now enjoy cannabis delivery right to their doorsteps. However, businesses that want to provide this service need to be careful. Complying with the Sunshine State’s delivery laws is crucial to avoid potential legal complications.

1. Acquire the necessary licenses

To start, potential business owners must first obtain sales, cultivation, distribution and other necessary licenses from the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC). Those interested can apply, pay the fee and provide the following:

  • Proof of at least $100,000 in capital
  • Business name
  • Contact information
  • List of products for sale
  • Layout of the dispatch facility
  • The chosen delivery software

Additionally, only employees who have a valid Delivery Driver’s License can deliver cannabis. To obtain one, they will need to pay a fee, provide proof of identification and residency and pass the exam.

2. Track and record deliveries

Businesses must meticulously track and trace all cannabis product movements using the California Cannabis Track and Trace System (CCTT). Additionally, they must enter specific information into the CCTT, such as the delivery date and time, price, quantity, the county and the customer’s intended use.

3. Carry the legal amount

Licensed cannabis delivery vehicles are limited to transporting $10,000 worth of cannabis goods at a time. This inventory can include unordered products up to $5,000 in value.

4. Establish security measures

Owning a cannabis dispensary can make business owners, their delivery vehicles and employees a target for theft. Therefore, it is crucial to implement safety precautions when loading and transporting products. Employing security guards, investing in an armored car to accompany delivery and installing surveillance cameras can be a good place to start.

5. Keep track of new regulations

The laws governing the cultivation, sale, and distribution of cannabis are always changing. To stay abreast of the latest cannabis developments, it will be necessary to maintain tabs on the DCC and monitor the news.