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How to get a zoning variance for your California business

When in business, you know the adage, “Location, location, location!” Unfortunately, securing the best location in or around Santa Rosa, California, can be complex and expensive. You must find properties that will work for your business and act fast before someone else gets it. 

Acting too fast may result in purchasing a property that does not meet the needs of your business. In some locations, the restrictions may be so severe that you cannot possibly operate a profitable business. This is a common issue related to property zoning. 

While this is disappointing, learning about zoning variance laws can work in your favor. 

Acquiring a zoning variance

The first step is to submit an application that outlines the type of variance you want and why. Include building plans that are related to the project (if applicable). Once submitted, a public hearing will be scheduled, and the evaluation process will begin. 

The following conditions must be met for the city to grant your variance, which includes the following:

  • The problem property conditions aren’t common to most or all properties in the area and zoning district.
  • The hardship is present because of the property conditions and not due to the property owner. 
  • The variance is needed to ensure property rights are provided on other properties with the same zoning. The variance cannot provide special privileges to the particular property. 
  • The variance will not cause a problem for adjacent properties and not conflict with public interests. 

Getting the zoning variance you need for your business’s success

Zoning issues are often complex. However, knowing the law can help you navigate the process and understand your rights. It may be wise to seek assistance with a zoning variance to ensure you get the best possible outcome.