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Zoning issues that could impact your new business 

You’ve had an idea for a business going around in your head for some time. You’ve finally put everything into place so that you can act on this vision and establish your company. 

You have contacts and a team in mind, and you’re nearly set to go. All that’s left is to choose the perfect location for your company headquarters. Unfortunately, this is where you could run into some problems. 

Zoning laws across Santa Rosa limit the types of commercial activities that can take place in certain geographical locations. Outlined below are a few important factors to keep in mind:

Your pollution levels

Depending on the type of commercial activity you are carrying out, your pollution levels may vary. If your headquarters contains a factory or other production sites, then pollution levels will be higher. If your headquarters is merely an office, then this may not be as problematic. Pollution refers to your emissions, waste disposal procedures and also the levels of noise that come from your site. 

Historical and cultural sites 

Santa Rosa and the surrounding area have numerous sites of cultural significance. In such areas, it is not uncommon for zoning laws to prevent new builds, particularly of a commercial nature. You may believe that you’ve found the perfect spot for your business, but if it’s near a historical or cultural site then you need to be aware of the particular zoning laws. 

Numerous other zoning restrictions and building codes could affect the type of business that you are permitted to conduct. That’s why it’s so important to have legal guidance behind you before committing to any deal involving commercial real estate.