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Choosing a property for your winery? Consider the grapes

If you’re interested in starting your own winery, now is the time to look into what it takes to create a property that has the right space and functionality for your business. Owning your own vineyard is an excellent opportunity to bring in profits while doing something you love, but starting a winery isn’t exactly simple.

You will need to find the right property for your business and to plan your venture in a way that helps it be successful over time.

What should you look for in a real estate purchase for a winery?

Wineries come in all shapes and sizes. The size of the property you’re looking for should be based on factors such as:

  • How large of a vineyard you’d like to have
  • The soil and ground matter on the property
  • The space you need to host events or gatherings if you plan to have them

In California, you can expect that many of the premier locations will be costly because places like Napa Valley are among the best for decent soil and sunlight. You’ll want to consider the cost of growing grapes there versus putting money into soil improvements or grow houses in areas that aren’t ideal for grapevines.

You should also consider foot traffic. Do you want your winery to be far from the city? Do you prefer having a location that is easy to get to? Would you want a scenic property? All of these are questions to ask before you buy a property to convert into a winery.

There are many issues to consider before you buy a property for your business. A good business plan may help you organize your thoughts before you invest into a property in the future.